It’s the middle of March, and nor’easter Stella just hit New Jersey.  Snow accumulations reached close to 12″ – the best part of this was the snow day everyone received.  The worst part about this is the water leak coming from your ceiling. All the heavy snow and winds did some damage to your roof and now you’re stuck finding a roofer.  You go on Google and find so many options for roofing companies in your area and aren’t sure where to start.  This blog will help guide you by giving you our top 5 tips on finding the right roofing company.



Word of mouth is always the best way to go and this is typical for most things – roofing company, general contractors, plumbers, etc.  You want to ask your friends and family if they have used a roofing company that has helped them in the past and based on their feedback, especially if they’ve had a good experience, you would want to add that company to your list.  It’s an easy to go and doing your own research for the most part.  Although we still recommend reaching out to a couple companies to compare quotes and information.




Let’s say your friends and family have never used anyone in the past and you’re stuck finding a roofer on your own. The first thing you do is go onto Google and search “roofing companies in my area” – you get so many companies in your search.  You start with the top 5 that come up, you click on the websites individually and 3 out of 5 websites look like they’ve been designed in the 80s, 1 of the companies website doesn’t even load – this is a huge red flag.  Luckily the last website that you click on is a professional website that is easy to work around and request a quote.  It’s the year 2017 and when we all rely on the internet as much as we do, having a modern up to date website is key to gaining potential clients.



You found a roofing company, you filled out the “contact us” page and now you wait.  The right roofing company will get back to you within 24 hours.  This is the first sign on how they treat their customers.  Customer service and communication are the most important factors during a waterproofing project.





It’s the law for all home improvement companies to have insurance.  Before you sign the contract with a roofing company you should request to see the certificate of insurance.  When you know that the roofing company you’re about to trust your home with is fully insured, it not only gives you peace of mind but protects you and your property.




You set up the appointment and have a salesperson coming to your home to give you a quote.  Did they arrive on time? Did they help you understand the process and what needs to be done? You want to be sure that they do a good job at explaining the problem with your roof and not just go through your home and give you a quote without informing you of the entire process.  This should also be in a way that you understand because a lot of times there are terms in the roofing industry that the average homeowner is not familiar with.




These 5 tips will help you find the right roofing company.  You want to consider all the details when hiring a company and the more you now the better.

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