Since 1920, Capitol Roofing has prided itself on the services we offer our clients.  With decades of experience and learning new techniques, we can better serve our customers.



Maintenance Program



For over 95 years, Capitol Roofing has serviced the needs of  many residential customers. We specialize in a variety of roofing systems: shingle, flat, metal and plant (green roofs, flowers, etc.) for ecological purposes. Capitol Roofing is an authorized installer for Velux skylights that add light and ventilation to the roofing system. We can also add to your outdoor enjoyment by adding decks (wood or pvc) for your outdoor living. Capitol Roofing can provide siding options for your home including vinyl siding and Hardie Board siding systems.


Capitol Roofing is an authorized installer for most flat roof systems. These applications are for single ply, modified bitumen systems, white single ply systems, liquid applied and metal roofing systems. Extended warranties and roofing systems are available to meet your projects and financial needs. We also can supply roof top plants and deck systems for added enjoyment of your new flat roof.


After inspecting  your existing roof, Capitol will be able to supply you with a maintenance quote to prolong the life of the roof which can provide you with a year or 2 of extended use. In other cases, this maintenance should be done yearly to prevent problems from general wear and tear or from storm related damage.


In an effort to supply our customers with the most current and highest material quality available, Capitol has partnered with manufacturers who share our vision for customer satisfaction.

We can provide flat and shingle roof systems, plants for flat roof, decking for outdoor living, skylights for light and ventilation, metal roof systems, and maintenance programs.


With added space and upgraded features, you’ve done can give you added enjoyment and new curb appeal.

We offer services such as wood and pvc decks to enjoy the outdoors, skylights and sun tunnels for added light and ventilation, Hardie Board and vinyl siding to upgrade the look of your home, and additions for more livable space.


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